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  • Gambling?

    I'm extremely bored forum. To prove myself, I write this;
    • Each client volunteers to pay $1 extra per week/month.
    • At the end of the week/month, any client out of your entire clientele will be selected at random.
    • The client selected received a free mowing.

    Does this sound legal at all? LMAO.


    Here's another one.

    A points system. For every $600 a client spends, they obtain 1 credit. 100 credits and the client receives a free mowing. (good for retaining clients, I would suppose).


    I'm bored. I made eggs in the microwave bored.

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    I kind of like the contest idea ,you would have to be carefull how the winner was picked ,you might need to check with the lottery people to see if you can do it legally .The other idea is not too realistic ,at one credit for every $600.00 spent and requiring 100 credits for a free mowing ,sorry but having to spend $60,000.00 to get a free $50.00 mowing is not ever going to impress anybody .


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      I'm just trying to figure out other businesses strategies.

      The credits may not be much, but it's better than nothing for the client. The amount the client has to spend for a credit should be high, so that way no one (business owner) is giving away free work all the time. This idea is based on Royal Banks Visa Rewards card. It doesn't matter how long it takes to rack up these nice credits, it's just more appealing than gaining no credits at all

      Canadian Tire (which is somewhat like any hardware store you go to) offers 'Canadian Tire Money' just for spending your money with them. If you shop there long enough, you could get something for a lot cheaper/free. I don't know the amount they give back.

      Anyone else know of any interesting client retention strategies businesses use?


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        You could create Scott's Loyalty Club. If the customer spends $X amount of dollars with you, then maybe they could get a free shirt with your picture on it LOL Or a framed photo of you?

        On the shirt it could say 'I know Scott, do you?' LOL

        I wonder how that would play out? It might allow some of the lonelier clients to put your framed picture on their table and talk to you when you are busy.

        These two girls just found out their parents will be giving them their Scott's Loyalty Club shirts and they are quite happy about it.

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          LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Damn Steve... lmao... .................................

          you are a genius!

          I think my face just fell off from laughing!


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            I hear Canadian tire is going to do away with their SCOTTIE money maybe you could use it.

            You could just white out their name and put yours in with a Sharpie.


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