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  • Very Angry

    So a client owes me money for 'lawn maintenance'.

    He owes money for work done in September and October, 2011.

    I believed that he'd be good for it, has been a client for awhile. Then after shoveling his walkway a few times, I said to myself, "No. Not anymore".

    I reminded him several times the amount he owes, and he's always been "busy".

    Of all days, he makes a phone call. It's February, and winter had started a long time ago. Makes you think...

    If he was 'normal' he would think like this;

    My guy isn't shoveling my property.
    1. Do I owe him money?
    2. Do I owe him money?
    3 Do I owe him money?
    but no, he thinks like this;
    1. Did he forget about me?
    2. What awful service, very unreliable.
    3. Isn't him knowing that I have the money enough?

    Anyway, I gave up on this client. Didn't even bother to answer the phone. I just listened to his message;

    "I guess you give up on all of your clients. You do know my father is dying...".

    Then the classic;

    "I have a check for you"

    ^ you know, the line he's told me exactly 5 times already...


    Wow. Doesn't that just get under your skin?


    It gets better.... This client is one of those kind you just can't avoid. We live so close to each other things are going to get extremely awkward. I hate this, I hate it with a passion. WHY do clients do this? WHY do they cause me these problems? Friggen heck, I just don't get it....
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    you are to nice, two months of mowing with no pay, no way. I would not feel bad dropping him. Do you think he would go to work that long not getting paid?

    I had someone signing up for plowing this year that got mad because my contract has a payment do in ten days or pay 15% fee every 30 days. I told her " I have to plow on time so I need you to pay on time, fare right?" She said yes and signed the contact


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      Ya Scott
      Your way to soft
      Miss one payment with me and I don't mow till I have cash in hand.
      No pay No credit
      No Money No Mow.


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        Well nearing the end of the season, I have had a few bumps on my end that ended up with me making poor decisions. You get so busy sometimes you ignore things and just 'get them done'.

        My guy had left me, so I was swamped with work that I was constantly stressing over, I didn't even bother checking who owes what, I just wanted the season to end. I was more concerned about next/2012 season, and finishing the season with good quality while being a man short.

        I wasn't going to bother him, I figured he'd most likely pay at the end of the month like usual, I never had a problem with him where I needed to ask for money in advance. I basically made an exception for him.

        Once September ended, I decided he needs to pay up. His reaction, "Not a problem, I will have a check ready for you the next time you show up!". <**- trickery, yet he kept his word last time!

        ^ been there before, and he was trustworthy about having his payment ready in the past. I did the job before I bothered to ring the bell, because I really don't like to chit chat until my work is complete. The last thing I wanted was to have a conversation.

        Regardless, we all have those original clients who we've grown to trust and forcing new policy on them just seems like a bad idea.


        Only 19% of my clients have remained trustworthy over the years. Meaning that the majority of my clients have slacked off with their payments, or have actually tried to rip me off in one way or another.

        Imagine for years that a client has always paid on time, every time. Then suddenly one year they start to pay when they want... It's hard to scold them, but it goes to show you that you have no real choice, they are most likely trying to see what they can get away with. Then they kill you in your sleep...

        That last part isn't true... yet.
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          What about sending out a letter thanking your customers for last year and work in what they can do to keep cost down for both of you AKA pay your bill


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            What about sending out a letter thanking your customers for last year and work in what they can do to keep cost down for both of you AKA pay your bill
            Nah, this season coming up they will have to sign a contract and send it back to me with 3 post-dated checks for the entire season.

            Problem solved. LOL

            Catch an all new season premiere of, "P.I.T.A: Lawn Service", the stakes are higher, the clients are cheaper, and as usual, nobody knows what's going on!


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              I thought you had an alter ego that now handled customer issues and complaints ? Use him and get paid !
              I cant figure out how to ask about "My guy had left me " and "I have had a few bumps on my end " .I will just leave it like that .
              Keep Smiling Cheese !


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                I don't care about the owed money anymore. It's nothing major, it's actually just nice to be able to be the one person in my area to offer this specific service, and for him to be miserable without it... AHAHAHAAHA!

                Feels good.

                Now when spring comes along, I'll most likely raise my price for him, by a lot. He will say, "it's unreasonable". I will say, "I like cats, water is wet"... it'll totally throw him off guard, and then he will see how it feels to be completely confused and helpless.

                Then I will slowly walk back to my truck, facing him while making farm animal sound effects.



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                  It does amaze me the issues posted on here over collection, it seems some customers do not value the service which is beyond me, when I buy gas, beer, groceries etc. they don't seem to wait for payment, I have always run my business(s) the same way, I have to eat and I have bills to pay.

                  I always make it clear from the start how payment is going to work and it's always in writing or email before we even start.

                  Maybe sometimes we are so hungry for new business we break the basic business rules, you will go under with receivables.
                  Halifax, Nova Scotia


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                    Maybe sometimes we are so hungry for new business we break the basic business rules, you will go under with receivables.
                    Andy that is a real good point and I think it happens quite a bit. I also wonder if part of the problem is that customers are just accustomed to this kind of billing in this industry.

                    Maybe it is a mixture of both?
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