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  • Christmas Shopping Help!

    Alright, so I'm a horrible person when it comes to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any day with some sort of meaning.

    I need help getting away with buying simple presents for people who aren't really that special in my life. My goal really is to avoid awkwardness if I am to receive a present and have nothing offer them in return.

    So I need 9 gifts for my family and friends, and 3 gifts for the women I'm currently dating at this truly conning time of year. This means 12 gifts that come off as 'fair'.

    The amount I'm willing to spend: $50.00 CAD.
    I plan on shopping tomorrow and the next day.

    IDEAS ?

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    is the $50.00 for all of them ,or for each one?


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      is the $50.00 for all of them ,or for each one?
      I kind of blew all my play money away forgetting about the holiday, sadly, $50 needs to be split between all of these people.

      I'm not cheap, I'm just greedy.


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        Very small budget, can't get much with $50.

        Maybe you can get 12 carmel apples and wrap them up nicely. (maybe sprinkle some nuts or m&ms)

        a book, fruit, coffee mug, not sure what else.

        Five bucks it is quite cheap your better off just going to the dollar store.
        I mean you gotta spend more on your girlfriend. If not just get her some nice flowers and write her a nice card.

        Curtis Michael
        The Grounds Crew
        (425) 765-2638


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          cook! i made gingerbread cookies this year was actually pretty fun. took all day though.

          buy tins from walmart at like $1 a piece and fill them with whatever you cook.


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            What about going to wally world and going into their cheap dvd bin and buy each person a dvd?

            Or you could go with giving out Breeze shirts
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              Sounds like your going to Tim Hortons for some gift cards,cups,or ? if I knew you were hurting,I would of sent you the $70.00 bucks I gave to the very smelly guy picking the used christmas wrapping paper out of the trash the other day .


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