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    Hi there everyone. Im gonna put a welcome packet togethar and was woundering if anyone has any resource brocures they can share. Like on topics of aeration and dethatching and other services.

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    This is what I use for sod removal and installation.... hope you like it. i will attach it in a document link. is as something else on it too.

    How to bid a sod removal job:
    1. First and foremost you need to know what cause the need for replacement of the sod.

    - Putting down where there was none
    - Lack of proper irrigation
    - Bug insect or fungus problem
    - No current fertilization program in place

    2. After you have decided what is the problem then you can start figure out the pricing. In pricing this job out you first need to know the correct amount of sod that you will need. You need to measure the square footage to ensure that you know what you need. When pricing a couple of things come into play.

    - Is it being delivered or are you picking it up
    - Are you doing it alone or do you have helpers
    - The cost of the sod and what is your markup

    3. For me my markup is 20% on the sod if delivered I add the cost into to sod I don’t put on my work order a delivery charge. As for the labor I make a certain amount of money per hour and pay my staff $10 per hour. Example my rate is $30 per hour and two workers @ $10 added together is $50 per hour x amount of hours to do the completed job. If there is a factor for fuel then I add it into to sod cost.

    How to prepare for a sob installation:

    1. Remove previous sod and debris to get down to the dirt level
    2. Level out the grade, that is to shape up the soil (use a “hula ho” to knock down the high spots; grade rake also helps)
    3. Use a sod roller filled with water to finish the job

    If sod removal is required (no large equipment needed):

    1. Get a flat-end spade shovel and cut a long strip of any length, and about 1 foot wide. Then, chop the strip into 1 to 2 foot sections, for easy handling
    2. Work up one side of the strip with the spade. Your goal is to tear the root system out of the subsoil below. It’s important to get the roots out, or else the turf will grow back
    3. Use the spade to hack horizontally into and under each square section
    4. Pull up the section. Dump it upside down, and chop off any loose subsoil and clumps. Loosen the dirt from the roots with your hands if you need to

    How to lay sod:

    1. Roll out the sod and relax the edges (make sure they are all laid in the same direction)
    2. Each row must be staggered
    3. Use a utility knife to cut around the edges that go off the lawn (can reuse)
    4. Once all laid out water it down

    Finishing the sod job:

    1. Roll over the sod again with sod roller only filled half way with water
    2. Then water down again really well and keep watered for a week

    - Only mow when the sod is rooted; to check lift up the sod on a corner and if it doesn’t move then it is ok to mow

    Tools Required:
    - Hula ho
    - Grading rake
    - Sod roller
    - Utility knife
    - Flat-end spade shovel
    - Wheel barrow
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    Curtis Michael
    The Grounds Crew
    (425) 765-2638


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