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  • What is this crap?

    The Website

    I had received an email from the site owner or something, and I don't remember what it was all about. I believe it was for me to pay money to have my website advertised to his website.

    In my opinion, it's a discussing website. It looked worse off a few days ago, but it's still horrible today and would be insulting to me for my website to be on it. ANYWAY, I had received a phone call from this number: 450-624-5995

    I "missed" the call on purpose, then felt like tracking it lol.

    Googling the number showed me that this number is related to the website posted above. The guys name I believe is "Aldous David" from Laval.

    Just looking at the website is making me angry, and I don't know why. If you scroll to the bottom of the page it says, "Listen to our commercial that is on the radio this month!!!" and "press play to listen to our commercial" ....... there is no play button.

    The fact is, when I wrote all of my ads on Craigslist, I chose "I don't want to receive other b.s" - this is what I get, and I can easily make a complaint.

    On one of his forms, I wrote "Don't call me." lol
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    Is there any other way you can use craigslist and not be hit up with tons of spam? Do you need to display an email address or would using a phone number suffice?
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      It's upsetting.

      Last year I received a call from another company browsing my craigslist ad, they tried to pressure me into having a website done by them. They didn't even know what kind of business I was running but were sure interested in having me pay them.

      There is no way to avoid spam, there are companies out there who are for sure designing software to track through craigslist and sending us all spam. They might be looking for certain keywords, or sections we post our ads in.

      If someone posts in "Services", we'll all receive spam which targets anything service related.

      The scariest thing is, every one of my craigslist ads appear on other sites. So we know our content is being stolen. It sounds good, I'm getting my ad posted everywhere possible, but I didn't ask for it!

      If I post on craigslist, my ad will be copied and put on various clone sites without my permission. So it has to be fact that if you post on craigslist, you have a high chance of becoming vulnerable to spam.

      Example: <- my ads are all over this site, yet I don't have an account with them!!!
      here to:
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        To avoid having your number scraped by software you can use an image instead of text for your phone number.


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          Thats a good point. Maybe try that out Scott and see if it cuts back on the amount of spam.
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            That's what I have been using.

            I block my email address, and I use a picture hosted on my website.

            They still manage to cause me a lot of problems.

            I receive 5 things or more per day of spam.

            I receive mostly PayPal phishing scams, or I'm a winner of some wonderful sum of money. They don't stop coming!

            For the record, I checked my voicemail and that guy from the website had called me... He didn't mention what he was calling about though, just left his name and number...


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