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  • Advertising Letter comments any one?

    The 2011 Mowing season is fast approaching! I would like to be your Landscape Maintenance service provider.

    The services that I provide are

    Area Police: Weekly All landscape areas will be policed, in conjunction with mowing operations, for loose trash and debris. Policing includes the removal of grass clippings from all walkways after mowing.

    Mowing: All turf areas will be mowed weekly, or as needed to maintain professional appearance.

    Trimming: All areas inaccessible to mowing equipment will be trimmed, to maintain a neat, well groomed appearance, with the exception of areas of standing water, or where ground saturation make it hazardous to work.

    Edging: Edging of walks, curbs, will be done on a weekly basis through the use of a steel bladed edger

    Flower beds: All bed areas will be kept free of weeds by means of chemical control, mechanical cultivation, and hand weeding as necessary.

    Trees: Pruning of all trees and shrubs on the property, with the exception of plant material over 15 feet in height

    Power Washing of sidewalks two times a year.

    My base price is for one year of service, as this is primarily labor industry, the only extra costs would be for material such as mulch. All material will be billed at my cost.

    If you would like an estimate please feel free to call me at the above number.

    Contracts signed before March 1 2011 will be eligible for last year’s rates.

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    How will you be using this letter? Who will this be going out to?

    Give me a little insight into your marketing plan with it and what you want to accomplish with it.
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