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Is it all in the Name ?????

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  • Is it all in the Name ?????

    I am about to finalize my Company name.
    I am looking for a little input for those in the know.
    have a look at the poll and let me know which company tag you like best.
    I want to have name that projects more then just lawn mowing.
    The name is going to include my Nick name "Ducke" and the a tag line
    such as
    1) Ducke's Yard Services
    2) Ducke's Lawn and Garden Maintenance
    3) Ducke's Yard Works
    4) Ducke's Yard Management
    5) Ducke's Yard Care
    6) Ducke's lawn Services.

    I am a little partial with the first one. with a moto of
    "We look after your Yard"
    But I am open to any feed back good or bad.

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    Any one of those are ok, my first 2 years, I went by lunchesrus lawn care service. Starting next year I am expanding my services to include some landscaping. We will be called lunchesrus landscaping & Lawn Maintenance service. If your going to do online website it may be better to use lawn maintenance in the name of the company. Make sure you have a good website keywords etc.. Also include in any keyword meta tag strings the towns that you service or the searchers will not pull you up at all in searches. Most people when they do searches online will say...lawn mowing your town your want to make sure that is in the keywords. Doesn't hurt to include it in the description meta tag string either.


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      It depends on your goal with your name.

      last name and what you do might not be something that sticks with a lot of people.

      paired with a funny/clever ad campaign it can go a long way.

      not sure what the pronunciation is on your name but there is lots of marketing opportunity for your lawn service

      give out promotional rubber ducks, duck shaped yard signs, lawn ornamental ducks painted with ads, a robot duck on the top of your truck...

      mostly, I guess, pick the scope of the work that you want to do for now and make the part that comes after "Ducke's" reflect that scope as accurately as possible.
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        Mine was originally, "Deneigement Scott" (deneigement = snow removal)

        Turned to 'Breeze Lawn Service'

        I am in the process of turning it right into, 'Breeze Services' or leave it as 'Breeze Inc'

        I might expand into other ventures besides labor, so you never know.

        I could be selling clothes, medicine, electronics, lol.....

        Eventually I'll own a school, "Breeze Learning Center" with my statue towering over the town along with my logo on a flag. lmao

        School uniforms will consist of several advertisements on them, school plays will be about the benefits of Breeze in your life.


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          I can envision a great logo for your company too with a duck and maybe some grass. It could be really eye catchy and colorful.

          I like: 1) Ducke's Yard Services

          Then maybe you could play on the name with your motto.

          "If your lawn is looking yucky, just call Ducke's"

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