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  • Fraud & Much More!

    The puzzle of the month - presented by yours truly


    Family Member A = BOB (manager of a franchise store)
    Family Member B = JOHN (son)

    Bob hires John to work, though John quits working for Bob after a few years.

    Bob continues to have John on the books for many years, regardless if John had quit.

    Apparently the risk has become greater for Bob as people working for him are asking about Bob's whereabouts.

    Bob confronts John in a rude manner demanding John to quit his current work & schooling in order to work for him again, along with his brother & mother.

    John hasn't received any compensation from Bob while John was on the books & John really has no interest in working for Bob again. Though Bob has the power to take everything away from John, leaving him with no choice but to drop everything & work for Bob again.

    John knows his life is over either way. If he refuses to work for Bob, everything John has worked so hard to achieve will be lost. If John decides to work for Bob, all his pride will be lost - leaving him a slave for the rest of his life under Bob's power. When Bob dies of old age, John knows his job there is gone guaranteed.

    John's mission in life was to get away from Bob's shadow forever - and now he has no idea what to do.

    John sees Bob as a person with a power issue - someone who likes to control everything surrounding him, especially family. If Bob helps you, it's only so he can hurt you when you finally find independence, & a way out.

    Bob as a wealthy individual will give you everything to succeed, but when you no longer need his help - he will bring you down to square one.

    He tricks people into accepting his offers - only so that he could own them.

    John's brother Pat & his girlfriend Sam work for Bob - Bob offered to let them Pat and Sam live under his roof together - only to control them.

    When John & Sam moved out, this is when Bob decided to confront John - as he needed someone else to control.

    Bob comes off as generous, but to take 4-5 full month vacations a year without your family means otherwise. When Bob is greeted, the response is nothing more than a sigh of disgust.

    John cannot talk to his mother, because his mother is under Bob's full control. Without Bob, John's mother (like John) ends up with nothing.

    Everyone is forced to be under Bob's control.

    "I'll give you everything, but I will own you" is the way he lives his life.

    OK, done writing this until I get more info lol...

    All I could think of, was to research if John was able to collect welfare as an individual until he got back on his feet. He's never going to find independence working for Bob - but he'll be stuck with nothing if he declines Bob's offer.

    All the money John put into his dream career will be lost, he is so close to achieving success - yet not successful enough to keep what he owns. All of his assets will have to be sold in order to support himself.

    John wishes that he could have spent at least one more year on his project before Bob confronted him, but now his investment is going to have been a waste of time & money. John never should have accepted anything from Bob in the first place.

    Tricky story. Will write more asap.

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    Very interesting. I bet you more people than you are aware of find themselves in similar situations.

    Entrepreneurs tend to choose this path because they don't want someone screwing with them.

    I look forwards to your updates.
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