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  • Shopping in Texas

    I made a friend the other day. We were both mowing our customers lawns side by side - till the rain screwed us both.

    We had a 30 minute conversation as mother nature pressure washed the crap out of us.

    He was talking about how badly he wanted a Walker Mower, & how when he goes down to Texas it's a dream. Apparently all the equipment sold there is less expensive than here.

    e.g Walker Mower, $3,000.00

    Anyone able to back up what he says?

    We should start an online trade thread 'somehow'. I want some damn equipment, without traveling!

    In Canada we sure do all live in igloos, but what's the grass look like down in Texas?

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    Take what I say as a grain of salt but from what ive found Colorado and Texas have the cheapest used equipment. Dont know about new though.
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      My barber has been going state side to buy used power boats, brings them back and sells them, does this about 6 to 8 times a year and has been for over 20 years, he tells me on a regular basis he makes a very good living just off the boats. There are many things we can buy in the USA a lot cheaper than here, especially Cargo Trailers, they are a fraction of the cost....Just have to find the time.
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        Could you get on craigslist and look locally in tx to see what the prices are? That should help you see what the difference is.
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          Remember you have to figure in shipping and your time also. What you see is not always the total price....


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