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  • A-Hole

    So the typical potential customer is usually ignorant, we all know this.

    A guy was interested in my service, we spoke - he knew the drill.

    "As soon as you pay, I'll get started on the work - I will be available Xdate & will wait for your call"

    He never called....


    Guy: You never showed up to cut my grass & the week is over!

    Scott: You didn't call me so I would be able collect your payment.

    Guy: So? You still could have done it, it's not like I'm going anywhere!

    Scott: Sorry, you have to pay before we do any work.

    Guy: Thanks for your service, I'm going to hire someone else!

    Scott: Ok, perfect! *hang up*

    These people piss me off, I literally want to just *********** ... you know...

    There is no time to explain to them, "Listen, when each and every person argues with me to wait for their payment after the work is completed - I'll be out of business, surprisingly & believe it - most people would ignore me when payments are due, you have NO idea, you really don't! I have no choice but to collect payments before any work is done, you might be an honest person - but why should I risk my business? I have dealt with all sorts of people who have burned me in the past by allowing them to pay after the work was completed, & I'm not going to let it happen again! If you don't want to hire our service & be a satisfied customer like all the rest, that's fine with me - it makes my life easier!"

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    We never ask for payment up front. To date, I have never been burned on getting paid. If someone meets with you face to face and you have an agreement I don't think it's too risky. Plus, my helper and I are both pretty big guys. We know where you live, we are familiar with your property. Are you really not going to pay us?


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      Have you considered taking a credit card number down from them if they dont want to pay in advance? Would that help in such situations?
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