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  • Creepy

    So I have gotten an email, I answered it... got another email;

    Email # 1

    "Hi Scott,

    I received your business card for lawn care proposal for 2010 (in Pierrefonds).

    I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of lawnmower do you use?

    Thank you!"

    I answered his question accordingly & ...

    Email # 2


    Can you please tell us when did you start doing lawn services?

    Also, I assume you do edge trimming? And cleanup of sidewalk/walls of cut grass (when doing edge trimming) ?"

    My assumptions;

    1. Competition
    2. P.I.T.A Potential Customer

    I have his email address, but it gives me nothing. I also have his name & the city he lives in.

    Not much else can help me to track him down. Curiosity is burning inside of me.

    It might just be me, but this is fishy in my opinion.

    I'm looking at his Facebook picture now. Hmmm.

    I just find it weird that 1/1000 potential clients will ask for this information.

    If I send an email back, what should it have in it? Spam... jks

  • #2
    tell him you would be more than happy to show him your equipment and ask for his address. bet you the one he give you is his mothers, or a good friend, vecause he a wanna be competitor tryng to get information on how to do the jobs


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