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  • Neighbor = Lawn Business

    My neighbor down the street... He's making me curious.

    I spoke to him once, as he had a sign out selling a soil spreader & old lawn mower.

    I got out of my truck just to see if I could make a sale, seeing as he's selling his lawn mower.

    He tells me he just got a new mower last year, & it's the best he'd ever owned.

    He asked me a few questions, "is it a tough business? Does it costs a lot to operate?" etc

    I told him YES & YES, & felt like he had an idea in his head that was unpleasing.

    Anyway, so this was a couple days ago.

    Today I saw him with a commercial dethatcher, doing his lawn. I was confused as to why a home owner would go out of his way to rent a machine, sure it happens, but I am sooo curious & could be jumping to conclusions/assumptions.

    I was more "secure" as I watched the machine throw him around like a rag doll. I was embarrassed for him, can't wait to see him with a self propelled mower.

    Though what is next to come.... Is he going to start up? Hmmm.

    It doesn't worry me, as I'd most likely use his bad quality service to promote my own.

    I am excited!!!

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    LOL was this the guy?

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