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Does anybody know anything about ACR??

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  • Does anybody know anything about ACR??

    There is a company named ACR, They contract work out for forclosed properties in the southern usa, Texas, louisiana, etc..
    I was wondering if anybody knows of this company,or a company like this, and if they pay timely, and accuratly..

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    Have you talked with them yet? Do you know how they handle their payments and all?

    Maybe you could start with a small job and see how your interaction with them goes and then scale up from there.
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      Don't know of these guys, vut if they are like the ones in southern oregon be careful. They usually want you to take pictures before, during, and after. They sometimes ask for 20+ photos. They don't pay much and are slow to pay (45 - 60 days). They are usually looking for someone desperate for work with just a lawn mower in the truck. No edging, blowing, etc. Just mow it down. Usually only 1 per month, so the grass and weeds are out of controll.

      This guys could be different. But "propery preservation" companies in general are shady in my experience.


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