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Doing Snow Removal Again

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  • Doing Snow Removal Again

    I decided after dinner that I was bored & should just for the heck of it, get back into snow removal.

    I looked at the truck keys & said, "For **** sakes... I'm going to regret this"

    I called all my customers from last year, & all my current customers for lawn maintenance & they were all pleased to hear I was back in the business. Many of them were excited,

    One customer even said, "Oh really?! This is fantastic! So I don't have to hire any of the other morons now that I have you! You finally came to your senses my friend, can't wait to see you!"

    This is my all time favorite customer, though he doesn't hire me for lawn maintenance, but pays more for odd jobs & garden weeding than most of my other clients.

    So all my old clients really cheered for me & were happy to see me back in the game after I denied them service earlier.

    I went out & banged out about 5 driveways, considering it's been awhile sense we had gotten snow most of my customers shoveled their own driveways.

    Every customer left me a tip, $5.00 - $10.00 & wished me luck & encouragement.

    Now the day is over, & I am overwhelmed. What a great feeling lol.

    I'm so screwed, lmfao.

    I called up my old worker from last year saying, "I'm doing snow removal again, are you in?"

    His words, "Son of a *****, allllllrightttttttt"

    Lol, I told him I have a new shovel, just for him. That I will even write his name on it with black permanent marker.


    Last night I took a tour around the city with a couple of friends. I took a wrong turn down a dead end street, I should have just backed out.

    Instead I went down the street & came to a building. It had parking in the front & in the back.

    I figured, I can go around in the back parking lot & come out the entrance.

    The parking lot was a ] around the building.

    So I very carefully try to not hit the parked cars with my big ford, & man it was only just the begining.

    You know what? Let me just draw the damn scenario.

    I got out by reversing, though where there is a big gap I just backed in to it & drove out frontwards.

    This place was a nightmare. My friends were impressed on my reversing skills, LOL.

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    Apparently you wouldnt make it on Canada's Worse Driver. LOL

    Blue's YardFX
    Camrose, AB


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      Apparently you wouldnt make it on Canada's Worse Driver. LOL

      Blue's YardFX
      Camrose, AB
      hahaha! Let me tell ya, it came too damn close!


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        You got the plow that means you got the power. Why not just plow the cars out of your way? Don't worry about hitting them, they will be cushioned by the soft, gentle snow.

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