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  • Master Plan!!!

    My favorite restaurants owner has talked with me on several occasions about my business, & how we get speeding tickets.. but that's not the point.

    This restaurant is very popular & is one of the best places to eat in town.

    The guys there have known me for 18 years.

    I always get free drinks, & if I bring a crowed I get a free meal & tons of discount certificates.

    The plan.

    I have talked with the owner about how we would be able to help ourselves out.

    I through this idea at him;

    We will make a card board cut out of **** (most popular waiter EVER lol) & myself with THUMBS UP. And in writing it will say, something along the lines of "Hire Breeze Lawn Service for a minimum of X months & receive one free meal for every X months!" Contact info, other fun stuff... blah blah.

    The owner was excited, & agreed that this has potential to benefit the both of us. And he is just as excited as I am.

    The restaurant is in a strip, & they had to close down half of their restaurant do to the stupid economy. No one has bought the space yet, though I'd love to see them gain it back.

    This is flaw proof. It's a buffet style restaurant, $9.99/lunch $15.00/dinner

    When I get a customer within a certain perimeter, & hired for maybe 3 months, I'll send him/her a restaurant gift certificate. And for every additional 2 months I am hired, another gift certificate will be sent to him/her.

    I am open for suggestions.

    Is ONE gift certificate luxurious enough ($15.00/customer), or should I reward them every few months & be the most beneficial company in town?

    Honestly, the card board cut out laughs are worth 1 million dollars.

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    Thats an awesome idea. I would offer just one meal, no need to cut more off your profits, you would be surprised at what some people would do for a free meal lol. Reminds me of the dinner I got when I purchased my new car a few weeks ago, Wait a minute. That meal cost me $28K DOOOW!!!!
    White Company


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      That is very interesting! You could have one of those business card holders on the cardboard cut out too.

      Here you could get one with that dude from the movie New Moon. All the teenage gals would go crazy.

      Keep us posted on how this goes.

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