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    Hauling water to the job is an interesting problem I would think. I mean, for most people that would probably entail buying and storing a large tank that you could load into the back of your truck or trailer. Right?

    I think you would have to charge pretty hard for this since you have a considerably higher cost of doing business. For example, if you needed to 1000 gallons for a job that you had to bring your own water on then you would have to load the tank (assuming you already own it), tank the time to fill the tank, use extra time and fuel to get there since you have a heavier load, and then once you are done, if you have extra water in the tank you would have to either use it on the next job or drain it out, unload the tank or park the trailer, etc....

    Now another question that just hit me is this, do you need to use a de-chlorinator for the water to help it do a better job? If so, you need to figure your expense in as well and figure in your time to mix it in.... I am wondering though, how would you add that if you are using water from the customers hose?

    Are there any other cleaning agents/products that are needed or recommended?


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      Multiple spray nozzles that rotate the way they do under the shroud cleans faster than you can with a wand. If you looked at the video it took 1 minute and 40 seconds to clean that sidewalk. 15 to 30 minutes with a wand. With the surface cleaner you can clean an average sized driveway in under 30 minutes. After you clean all you do is rinse the water off the surface and you are done. That is unless you have a recovery system that negates the need to rinse because it picks up all the dirty water. It is kind of like a mower blade with a spray nozzle at each end of the blade spinning at a high rate of speed.

      For those that are considering adding pressure washing you should attend one of the numerous round tables and see a demo of the equipment available.

      Hey Pat what kind of surface cleaner do you recommend?


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