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  • Back Stabbing ?

    So I worked with a company last year, & a bit this year.

    I asked for my 4% last summer/winter, didn't get it yet, though I continued to help them out this year, yet they haven't paid me.

    4% = Waiting 1 year + currently still waiting.

    Work for this year = Waiting 2 months. 1k or so is what they owe (not including my 4%)

    So they NEED me for winter, they have shoveling crews & I said I'd be good with that because I hate being in tractors, I HATE IT.

    This company needs 4 guys to do walkway shoveling, commercial & residential.

    I am one crew leader, & another guy is a crew leader. We are the only ones the company can depend on currently. Though I'm thinking about ditching them & helping another friend company, & I will be taking the other crew leader with me. Plus my friend who was going to work with me... So this company is -3 workers. Leaving them with nothing for shoveling.

    I took one of their other tractor drivers as well & sent them to another company which I might help out.

    Though I still feel like I need to put a scar on this company.

    In spring, I promised not to advertise to their customers, so I didn't. Though when spring 2010 comes, I will do my best to get them all.

    I want to see this company burn.

    I used to hold their master list of customers for winter & snow, & the damage I can do off memory & my friends in the business will be irreversible.

    Suggestions? I'm p'd off hardcore.

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    What is their view on why they are still with holding payment?
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      Well the office is where I'm supposed to pick up my check. Though the second owner said, "You didn't go to the office on Friday to get it"

      I said, "I call you guys every day to get it & you say it's done, then I find out it's not, then you tell me to wait for Friday after Friday!!!!"

      He said, "Well you were supposed to come last Friday to get it, it was there for you"

      So I said, "I called and *** said it wasn't even written out yet! So why don't you guys just leave it there for me? Like do I really need to stand in front of you guys for you to write out the damn check, just leave it there so I can pick it up"

      There is someone at the "office" 24/7, it's a home/building.

      So he said, "Oh well... I'll ask about it again" x1000th time I've had to bug them.

      Like it's my job to get myself paid by them, it's a f'in joke! It's my fault working for money isn't enough to RECEIVE IT.

      I've been calling every day for 2 months, NOTHING. This company runs around like chickens with their heads chopped off!

      If I don't get it tomorrow, oh boy...

      "Friday" is their pay day. They skipped me 8 times for what I worked this year, and they skipped a whole year for my 4%.


      So basically I just called a few more guys, & they are all interested in leaving the company if I can get them a spot with another company, so that's good.

      They treat their workers like dogs. It's sick, they like to grow, but they don't like to pay for it.


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        I am really sorry about all this happening.

        When you look at your interaction with this group what lessons do you think you have learned from the entire experience? I know a lot of the readers here are probably a few steps behind you and about to walk this same path so any advice you have would really help a lot of us.
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          This sounds like my previous boss I worked for. I couldn't get payed for some reason and he was paying everybody else. I had to go through the Labor Board with him. Took them 2 years to get my money.

          I'd say stop showing up to work if they don't pay, and then hopefully you wrote your hours down, send a dispute to the Labor board.


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            I want something worse.

            I'm on the phone now with another company, & I'm giving them phone numbers to the workers who want to LEAVE the company I helped out.

            But we're all leaving RIGHT when we get the first snowfall.


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              This is very simple, is the 4% vacation pay? I include it in every cheque, just makes it simple and if it is then one call to the labor board and you will have your cheque within a week, it's the LAW and they do not fool around.
              Halifax, Nova Scotia


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                Let me caution you tho about burning bridges. Also keep in mind that if you do this and these other companies see what you are doing they may be hesitant to hire you since they may think that if he does that to another company he will do it to us. I am a big believer that what goes around comes around. Be careful... Just a thot.


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                  The thing is, we agreed on me being paid by cash because I'm not a full time employee. So proving that they owe me money is going to be tough, especially because I lost track of my hours.

                  Owner: What are your hours?
                  Scott: XXX
                  Owner: Ok, I will have your money tomorrow.

                  Scott *throws hours sheet out thinking it's useless now... F***!!!*

                  Scott: Where's my money?
                  Owner: I didn't do it yet.


                  Another thing about burning bridges, the companies that know THIS company all hate it. It's known for being cheap, & the way I explained it to the other owner (who I will be working under) got my message through to the point he actually said, "Yeah, they have always been like that & no one likes them". LOL

                  So today is Saturday, I didn't sleep all night because I really want my damn money.

                  Reason #1: So I can bank it, then tell the owner "Sorry, but I wont be with you this winter"

                  Reason #2: I love money, I didn't realize I spent $50.00 at blockbuster TWICE in one day. Damn boring Wednesdays!!!

                  Reason #3: I want to get a new mower lol...

                  Anyway, I might get put on a John Deere this winter, should be fun. Though I seriously just need a break, I really wanna shovelllllll lol....

                  I mean seriously, I have like 16 shovels that need to be worn down... I should open up a shovel shop!!!


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                    If you are working for cash under the table and not as a subcontractor with a contract, then you are out of luck, he owes you nothing and verbal agreements will not stand up......move on and treat it as a learning experience. Revenue Canada might be interested in the cash being paid but they will tear you apart also, another thing if you are working for cash you are not covered by workers comp nor insurance, it is beyond me why employees do this, I know why companies do it however in my case we do not accept cash as a form of payment, everything I do is by the book, I sleep well at night.
                    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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