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  • Need Major Help!

    I hung out with my father again today, he leaves on Friday back to Halifax.

    Tonight was great. We went to dinner, a comedy show, coffee shop to chat.

    All we talked about was business, making money... Giving each other tips.

    My father is doing any form of labor he can just to get by.

    He's going into dept, going to sell his home & car soon.

    What can I do to help?

    His lawn service includes him driving an SUV, using a push mower that won't run on idle (it shuts off if you let go of the bar) & basically needs to be filled with gas every lawn.

    He has a trimmer, not sure how good it is...

    He's got 15 clients, & he's doing some roofing work for a guy.

    I have no idea what to do, or what I can offer. The lawn maintenance season is basically finished, & he has to search for more work.

    I told him in the future that I would possibly be interested in moving BREEZE to Halifax & trying to merge together, but who says that will make things better profit wise. It's a tough call.

    There is no profit in shoveling during winter, & he isn't able to afford a tractor.

    I'm lost. What do you do when your father is in a worse condition than yourself?

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    That is a very good question.

    In general I think people do better when they can work together IF they can work together.

    Which area do you think there is a better chance for success at? Your area or his? Can you pool your resources together and build a bigger more profitable business?

    What's your view on that?
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      Scott.. Would you have an old Breeze mowing cap laying around?


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