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Alright! I Need some help!

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  • CHEESE2009
    started a topic Alright! I Need some help!

    Alright! I Need some help!

    So the company I used to work for has made a deal with me.

    If I get hedge trimming clients, I trade them for Garden clients.

    So today I get a call from the company & they give me an address to go & do a gutter cleaning job.


    I go & chat with the home owner for 30 minutes, dang! Never stops, eh?

    (her husband is a retired scientist, weird, LOL)

    She & her 4 neighbors are going to hire me next season, bonus!

    What this home owner needs:

    Gutter Cleaning
    Window Cleaning
    Complete Garden Job (removing the old, installing the new)

    So I go to start gutter cleaning when the leaves fall, I can do gutters no problem.

    As for the windows, what's to be expected? I really don't want to take them apart or take off the screens.

    What is the best tactic to clean windows? Personally I don't see why she even hired me for it. Just take some Windex & paper towels, done...

    That's the problem, it sounds too easy, that I might be expected to do do something I don't know of...

    I could get a squeegee or something, I dunno.

    I hear that using NEWSPAPER instead of paper towels = no streaks... & to use vinegar?


    The garden job.

    It's approximately 15feet by 5feet

    Just a bunch of crappy bricks as the border & to create 5 sections for her garden.

    She hasn't touched it this year do to family problems, so it's all weeds.

    My tactic was to

    dig everything up

    edge out where I want the garden to be.

    Install Weed Block

    Purchase nice stones/brick to create a border/sections

    then add soil

    dump the old crap

    Though I thought of doing some wood work.

    What if I built a frame for the garden?

    Then I could nail the Weed Block to the bottom & just bury it, then cover with soil...

    does that sound awesome?

    I think I just came up with a service, building garden frames... I could make them high rising, so customers don't have to bend to plant or clean up...

    :O :O :O

  • XtreemGreen
    Depending on how dirty the windows are.. If they just need a spit clean..There is a product you can buy at your local home improvement store.. You just hook it to a water hose.. Flip the switch to clean, spray the windows, let it set 2 minutes.. Flip the switch to rinse and your all done..Ive used it a few times and it works pretty good..

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  • CHEESE2009
    it's tricky.

    Wood is expensive, I'll have to figure out how much my material cost will be when I head out to the store.

    Once I figure out the cost of the materials, then I can charge my worth.

    Holy crow do I have bad gas right now. I ate a salad with hot peppers & had my morning coffee... My stomach is angry!

    Though I'm currently watching, "Judge Dredd" with Sylvester Stallone. Old Old movie!

    All my life people have told me Stallone is short, he's a shrimp bla bla bla.

    He looks short in behind the scenes pictures, but it says he's 5"9

    He's an inch taller than me lol, hmmm.

    I just watched all the Rocky movies again, watched all of the Rambo movies, ALIEN movies, Schwarzenegger movies, I decided not to watch Indiana Jones movies anymore because the last one sucked so bad it hurt the previous films.

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  • Steve
    That is very creative!

    How big is it? How long would it take to make and install and what are you thinking of charging?

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  • CHEESE2009
    Garden Plans

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    Alright in this picture, we see a garden border, wood.

    Inside are wood blocks to lift the garden center/base. Customers will not have to kneel during work.

    They can also easily remove the wooden center easily. Weed block is stapled on.

    The entire thing will be movable.

    The picture on the right is a piece of wood which fits into the center of the border (picture on the left) weed block is stapled to the wood & can be changed easily...


    Just an idea... You guys dig it?

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