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  • Bounced Check ??

    Hi All,

    Just looking for advice before I go forward. I just received a call from my bank that a check that I deposited from a client bounced for NSF (Non Sufficient Funds).
    This is from a client I recently made a business decision to drop as a client as he was nothing but a headache and chasing him for payment that he kept promising. He kept complaining about price after projects were complete and he knew my price and estimates before I started. He is just a cheap person and wants more for his money. I never lowered my price for his cheapness.

    I am going to call him after I post this note but just looking for advice to move further ahead or for the future if this happens again.

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    You both have to pay for the check bouncing.

    Now he has to pay your bounced check fee, & the original payment.

    Make sure he pays your fee!


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      If you don't mind saying, how much was the check for and how much were the bank fees? I think that might play a lot into the decision I would make on how to handle it.
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        sound like he could have stopped payment on the check.

        I would let him know in a kind way that he will have to pay for your NSF fees and the amount he owes you. if you have a problem. You can go to your court house or where ever it is you will need to file for a small claims court.

        I have done this in the past about ten times, most of them paid because they did not want it on their record. You may have to pay fees and you may not feel it was worth it. I did not care about the cost, I just did not want to let them get away with out paying.

        Even if your bank reverses the chargers on your side. I would still charge because of the hassle.

        Hope that helps.
        Artie Crowley


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