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    Do you think it would be a good idea to put a magnetic sign on my personal vehicle? I have magnetic signs on my truck, but I drive alot of miles every year in my minivan, about 40,000 per year. Is it a good idea to advertise maybe on my personal vehicle?

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    I think it would be. Since it is a minivan, you could even put something on the back for people to read when behind you.

    Very creative idea and one we don't often see!

    How neat too would it be if you had some special offer only available only through your vehicle ad. Maybe it gave them a special url to sign up for a free mowing if they agreed to a yearly maintenance contract or something. That would allow you to track how many people saw your car ad.
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      Magnetic signs are great and would work in this case.
      But if you dont mind having it on there all the time i would do the 2 side back windows and something on the rear as well.

      5 reasons why i would pick this over magnetics.
      #1- Damage to paint if magnets are left on to long or not cared for properly is a REAL issue. (i can post a pic of what can happen)
      #2- Magnetic signs can fly off, happens every day.
      #3- some people (kids mostly) like to take magnetic signs, usualy just for the "fun" of it.
      #4- You have to remmember to put them on...or they are not doing anything.
      #5- Most consumers view magnetic signs as a company that can come & go just by a quick grab of the signs off the truck. I have read studys that also show customers feel more safe when they see the name/logo/phone on the truck and its vinyl/printed/painted on. Shows the company is going to be around, and not just the "fly by night" type.

      If you need some magnetic signs send me an email ( with what you would want and i will send you a quote, i will also quote the windows if you would like.



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