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Most lawns mowed for $21.00?

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  • Most lawns mowed for $21.00?

    WOW check out this truck.

    Most yards mowed and edged for $21.00!!
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    I would put the price on a magnet. So you can change it depending on the season/what service you want to push at the time.

    You dont find many lawn companies with prices on the truck!


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      Ya, that is really surprising. I have never seen lawns being marketed that cheap. Usually its like $24.95.


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        around here its the reverse of that, $12. And unfourtently some people actually cut for only $12. Its sad.
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          we have guys around here that try to mow for the $21 price there equitment is falling a part there trucks do more than that in damage to there driveways with all the oil they leak and only get the job for one season if that long then expect the guys doing everthing by the book to do it for that and then make us look like were price gauging them. I won't drop my gate for no less than 45.00


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