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    My decals for the web address came in yesterday, it's raining off and on this a.m. so I felt adventurous and installed it myself. This stuff is different from what I used years ago, almost idiot proof (if I can do it anyone can).

    I ordered these from Seems like a good source, you can design it online and two of these cost me around $34. I will still use my graphics guy for the more detailed and intricate stuff, but just a line of words, I'll give it a go.


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      I have to say you did an outstanding job with your lettering install. It looks great!

      Another thing I'm working on is charity work. We are going to offer our services for some elderly folks who are housebound or physically challenged and can't afford the service.
      How are you planning on finding such work?

      Do you have a vfw in your town? Could they potentially give you some names of disabled veterans in your area that might need help?

      Or maybe the local meals on wheels group, could they help you in finding others to help?
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        We had +3 inches of rain yesterday and last night, much flash flooding. Waiting 'til noon for a little drying out and then heading out for friday's cuts.

        We have no shortage of volunteer groups here and unfortunately, the need is great (as with the rest of the country I guess).

        I was thinking about Wounded Warrior's, local churches, the area's board for the aging, Habitat for Humanity, etc. Easy to find people in need of help.


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