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New truck and trailer vinyl. What do you guys think?

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    Yeah i actually had a lady come tell me the other day that I need to go to jail for cuttin a lawn so fast (scag v-ride) and im like WTF!!!

    But with that bein said with the orange (cats eye yellow) mower you MUST run scag right???? (lol)

    But get yo $$$$ thats all we doin!!!

    Im takin it you got your trailer from GA??? I just got a 7 x 16 but I couldent see myself gettin a 8.5 x 20 and it was for $700 more but then I was like if I was to get a trailer that side I will run another crew lol


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      I've got the same trailer but mine has a lot of dents in it.

      My truck lost it's balls about 100,000 miles ago and I lost mine when I got married. She keeps them in a jar. I'm not sure where.


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        I remember reading somewhere that a guy got arrested for his truck nutz
        I came across the article about this and it said that is the reason he got pulled over but then he got arrested for not having a valid drivers license.

        The deputy pulled Cervantes-Rodriguez over and told him the reason for the stop was "the large testicles," according to the report.

        Cervantes-Rodriguez removed the TruckNutz from his bumper and admitted to the deputy that he did not have a valid driver's license.
        'TruckNutz' lead to South Carolina driver's arrest
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          Just don't be burning any rubber on lawns


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