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Increseing my search engine presence?

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  • Increseing my search engine presence?

    Was wondering if there were things that I could do to increase my placement when people search landscape or lawncare on google? Obviously a webpage helps but beyond that not sure


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    There are plenty of people on here who have good knowledge on this subject. There are also people out there (not necessarily on this forum) who may try to sell you help you can otherwise get for free if you don't mind doing a little reading and learning. But I would recommend buying hosting, then install Wordpress (it's free), and there are plenty of free themes you can use too. Then install the "All in one SEO" plugin. You'll start ranking sooner than you'd expect.

    Also, those keywords are great, but when using the plugin you will want to localize your keywords by adding the names of you local town/city/areas, etc. get creative, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the person doing the searching, and what words they may be using.

    Good luck.
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      Hi Travis,

      Welcome to our forum.

      If you get a chance, read some of the older posts in this section and you will find a lot of great information. It should keep you busy for quite sometime.
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