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#6 on Google in 6 minutes?

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  • #6 on Google in 6 minutes?

    Did this today.

    Is 6 minutes an exaggeration?

    No. It took me 6 minutes to getting around to check it, cuz I needed to take a leak. I bet it was first page in one minute.

    I wanted to show a friend of mine just how fast you can rank in Google with Word Press.

    He wanted to rank higher for "venice lawn care". I said "send me 4-500 words on the subject, and I'll post it correctly in your WP blog.

    I put in 3 links, two to his site and one to a previous blog he made on the same keyword (called "re-indexing").

    I then posted that exact post url to Digg. I then pinged the DIGG POST url, not his blog post url.

    Took a leak, typed in "venice lawn care" and it was #6.

    Notice the MEFEEDIA just below? That was a day or two ago.

    Don't listen to the haters (I've decided not to. That's why if you want to ask me a question I'm available at I'm no longer available here. I've decided to ban negativity from my life.)

    It is not that hard to get your website on the 1st page. Does it work every single time? No. What does?

    It damn sure works often enough to listen to what I'm trying to tell you.

    Want 45 free pages of absolute, no BS, sure to work tatics to get on the 1st page?

    Go to BEFORE your competition does. Playing "catch up" is a bitch.

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