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A little help with wordpress would be great.

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  • A little help with wordpress would be great.

    So I have my blog up & running, I've got a few posts up, changed the theme, etc. Ritchiem graciously helped me out for about an hour the other day with configuring some things I was having trouble with. Thanks again!

    So Now the blog is starting to appear in the serps but if you click on the links they aren't working?
    For instance google search
    You'll see the blog has taken 2nd & knocked my regular website to 3rd.

    The link it show for my blog is
    But upon clicking it you get "Error 403 forbidden" ?

    Rich, is this because we changed the blog name & url to ?

    What can I do to fix it or get the engines to reindex it by the new name & url?
    Thanks in advance guys!

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    if the old urls were indexed they wont work now in google or at least point to the right direction. It will take a few days or more to get re-indexed. I can delete the urls from google for you if you wish? That way there is less confusion.


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      Nah, leave em. My website is right there for people to click on & the blog is occupying a space one of my competitors would otherwise get so I'll just leave it there to knock em down a peg.

      Thanks, I was hoping it was that simple.


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        Chuck that is fantastic!

        I bet a lot of other lawn care business owners are thinking about this, but how do you figure what to write about? What will your clients want to read? Or is that not as important as it is to have key words and your area that will draw potential customers into your website?
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          I think you should write about subjects relevent to your services & service area because it does help with serps but you also need to make it as good a read as possible. You can't just pack in keyword after keyword in every sentence. I don't know how many people will or won't ever even read the blog...? Who knows. I'm just learning myself so I'm no authority on the subject.


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