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#1 on Google. Anybody?

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  • #1 on Google. Anybody?

    I'm curious about the results that anyone here has had by implementing the free SEO tactics that I give away.

    Has anyone actually done any of it?

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    I have learned a lot from it. For instance, all my video descriptions start with my url. I thought that was a great suggestion.

    Also for my blog, I added the sites you suggested to ping when I submit a new post and I have seen the popularity of my blog really expand!

    I think anyone who gets a chance to read your e-book will definitely learn a lot!
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      I didn't use that but i am number 1
      DJ Carroll
      EasyPro Property Services


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        I see that you use video. Very smart.

        But you could use it better. Edit your description by placing the URL in the beginning. Upload to more sites, especially podcast's.

        Your meta data is also well done on your site.

        But just so you know, under 100,000 results?

        I or any competitor could own that page in 3 months. Applying some of the tactics I outline would solidify your position.

        Just because you don't see sharks does not mean they are not there


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          I guess as we have seen before now a new business owner that is either SEO savy or hires someone that is can really cause an upset in the search rankings. This is a never ending battle!
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            Search Engines Are Now the #1 Source Customers Use to Find Local Businesses
            When potential customers are searching for a business like yours, where do they look first?
            According to a Nielsen study released in January 2009, the Internet is now the #1 source that 82% of consumers use to look for local services. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN have overtaken all other methods traditionally used to find local businesses, such as yellow pages and phone books, newspapers, radio and television. Consider these findings from the same study:
            Consumers were asked: When looking for a local business today, do you use the following sources more, less or the same as you did 2 years ago?

            What does this mean to you as a business owner? When your potential customers are looking for you online, make sure you get found! You canít sell if youíre not seen!
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              Look at the graph.

              Check out the thumbnail above.

              If you don't "get it", no worries.

              Your competition will.

              this is a "duh"!
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                This makes me think of a yellow pages tv ad I saw the other day. They were offering some job assurance program where if you hire a contractor found through their phone book, they would guarantee the work. Or something similar to that. It's fascinating what they are trying to do to still stay relevant but the end is near for them.
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                  Do the Yellow Pages still work?

                  Do the yellow pages still work?
                  Absolutely, no question about it. The yellow pages get you calls, if:

                  1. you can pay for AT LEAST a quarter page (I think in Orlando its $750+ a month x 2 "yellow books". $1500 a month! Any smaller won't work.

                  2. You are willing to pay forever. "Dex" don't know d###!

                  I beat "Dex" in a special room in my house, and make him wear a leather mask ala the movie Pulp Fiction. Dex and 'Merchant Circle" live in the same box.

                  Dex advertises that "those SE's with the funny names? I can hook you up!"
                  Right. If you are a total "online newbie" with no clue to ranking, you can sit on the "Dex page" with all your competitors phone numbers right next to yours!

                  3. You are willing to give up 82% of your potential clients by not "pre-selling" your prospects. In 2009 potential clients want to look at your website before they call. If you ain't on the first page, you ain't getting the call. And even if you are on the first page, if you don't know how to "sell the click", you ain't getting the call. Period. Your laughing competitor is.

                  Know this if nothing else; if you do not have an optimized web site, as well as an optimized Word Press blog adding constant content for ranking purposes, is does not matter
                  how much you spend on advertising. You will lose business far beyond the cost of "doing it right" online.

                  The facts are in, and they are indisputable.

                  You will either win, or lose, online in 2009.
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