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  • Website and Graphic Design Doors open

    Well it is that time of year again where I open my doors for business. I have been providing website design and graphic design for 5 years now on the gopher forums and I am ready to go for sixth. So if anyone needs design services let me know or let Steve know and we will take care of you.

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    With all your years of green industry marketing experience what would you suggest to other lawn care business owners just starting out? What works and what doesn't especially for the new business owners?
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      Marketing materials you should use right away.

      - business cards
      - flyers (non glossy)
      - Gopher Website template
      - local phone books
      - networking
      - portfolio (photos on website, create a photo binder)

      Things you can wait on.

      - custom website
      - high quality flyers and brochures
      - truck/vehicle signage (however it may be a good idea to get some magnets at first)
      - major yellowpages
      - radio ads
      - tv ads

      I have found that startups that spend a lot of money on marketing materials in their first years tends to be a bit of a waste...well I shouldn't say that all marketing is good to do. But it will still take time for people to trust you and recognize your marketing. There is nothing wrong with starting off humble and going from there.


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