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My "Lawn Care" website.

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  • My "Lawn Care" website.

    In all the time i spend on this site, i don't think i've ever posted a link to my actual lawn care company's website. Feel free to critique it, don't feel bad if I don't change it, cause it does what I need it to do and it really doesn't get much traffic. The most useful thing is the "INSTANT QUOTE" section. When I send out my direct mail it tells the customer to get their quote online. Its easy for them to do, and it gets me lots of good leads. Feel free to try it, just make a note that you are from gopher so I know not to respond to you.

    I'm not a website designer, it took me a while to build the sites below (i'll list all that Ive done, just for the heck of it) but under the right conditions I would consider building a site for someone.

    Bob (my lawn care company) (my lawn care graphics site) (my general graphics site)
    Lawn Care Designs and Printing. Postcards, Door Hangers, Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos. Or anything else you might need!

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    Bob that is fantastic.

    I just checked out your instant quote section too! That is great! Do you base it simply on the size of the yard? The potential customer fills out the form and then they are emailed back a quote?

    What do you do if the property is 1+ acres?

    Then do you later follow up with some marketing material?

    Just above the instant quote button it says this
    "For your "INSTANT QUOTE" clike the button below."
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      Hey Bob, I never realized you had your own lawn business. Thats great, I really like the website.
      Northern California


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        Brandon- Yes, I've had my own lawn care company since 2000 and worked in lawn care for a few years prior.

        Steve- Thanks for pointing out the typo. As far as the instant quote, I base all my prices on property size and not square feet. It's easier to do that way. I have instant access to property sixes on my computer (because of a realtor friend) so I can see if the customer is telling the truth. Not only is price by property size better for the online quote, but it also eliminates the need to measure everyones property. If one person is paying a little too less, someone else is paying a little too much so it all works out.

        As far as what happens after they get their quote i follow up with a phone call and I mail them an actual estimate and brochure. I don't get that many online requests only about 50 a year. Usually they call and I go to the house in person and leave teh estimate. But the property size pricing still makes it easier.

        You asked about the prices for 1 acre plus... On bigger lawns its sometimes good to go look and see what they have first. I have some customers with 3 acres, but only 1 acre is grass. So it just seems better to look those over first.
        Lawn Care Designs and Printing. Postcards, Door Hangers, Brochures, Business Cards, and Logos. Or anything else you might need!


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