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  • What Color is Your Website

    In how many different ways does your website communicate to your visitors? The answer is two. The first avenue is the copy (your writing), while the second is the choice of colors you use. This report is the first is two- part series on understanding how your site communicates to your visitors.

    In part one, we will learn about how colors affect and influence the mood of your readers. Part two will explain how to use words and phrases to propel your visitors to take attention. So what color is your website? During site creation, it is very easy to fall into the trap of "if I can, I will" thinking. This method of thinking is very dangerous. The premise is if I can create a site with 256 differently colored words, backgrounds and graphics, I will. Your site may look great, but what will you accomplish?

    The disadvantage to creating a single site with dozens of different colors is color compatibility between different operating systems, monitors and browsers. If the Maryland website design cannot show an exact color from your website, it will choose the closest or mix the nearest two colors. This is called dithering. The result can be something you did not want or expect. The best way to avoid dithering is to optimize your site colors. The best way to optimize your colors is to use the colors in a 216-color palette.

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    Would you like to show us some of your website designs so we can see what you mean?
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