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  • possible new site design

    Well Steve mentioned I should build myself a website so I have started trying to come up with a design that I like. So far this is the only one I have come up with.

    content is just basic for now.. probably clean it up when it's programmed.

    feedback would be great.

    Hopefully I'll come up with another design to choose from soon as well.

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    You are hitting a home run with that design! I think the marketing concepts you are weaving into your site is fantastic.

    First you ask them the question if they would like their yard spruced up without taking time away from their family.

    Then you follow up with offering a discount!

    Where did you come up with all these great ideas?
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      Thanks Steve!

      Well some of these ideas are right here on your site!
      An attention grabbing headline is not just used for a flyer or door hanger, the same concept works on the web.

      The discount I thought would be a great way to grab their attention and kind of push them to contact me. At the price I charge per lawn, 25% really is not much of a loss if it turns into a full time client. cause really it's only going to be maybe 5$ or so but 25% sounds like a great deal.

      Also for anyone else trying to start their website or maybe clean up their current one. Try using different font color and size on headline text to help grab the users attention. Just dont pick like 10 different colors and sizes. you only need maybe 1-3 colors for different headlines. Dont forget to space your text out to make it easier to read as well!

      For SEO make sure to make use of the title tag and headline tags (H1, H2, etc)

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        you might consider offering the discount off the 2nd service though. Most new customers I get, teir mower broke last month, there old guys hasn't shown up in weeks etc. & the yard is a mess! I charge extra the 1st service to get the yard back into maintainable shape. I wouldn't want to give that discount on that 1st service when you spend all that extra time unless they are making a long term commitent to using your service. Looks good otherwise though.


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