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Caution to anyone registering a domain name.

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  • Caution to anyone registering a domain name.

    If you are thinking about registering a domain name for your lawn care business, you need to read this article.

    Personally, if I think about registering a domain name, I don't type that name anywhere until I am ready to purchase. *There are quite a few sniffers about who keep track of whois searches. *If your domain isn't registered immediately, you might find your domain taken by someone else the next time you try to purchase it. *Read the article below for a description of what is going on:

    Start a profitable lawn care business.

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    Good tip Keith

    A friend of mine was telling me this back in the summer and I didnt even give it a second thought because I bought mine when I was checking as soon as it came up available.

    The story goes like this he tried a few names to see if or what he could get, when he found one he liked and it was available by the time he got the site ready some one had emailed him wanting to sell it to so he had to search all over again trying different names he finally just went with a dot net so he could use his business name from the getgo.


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      I think that they claim that its a security feature to protect their customers. I also believe that it puts a 5 day hold on the domain name and releases it after that time. More can be read here


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        That is just a bad idea and I do hope we see a stop put to it.

        Thanks for pointing this out!
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