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  • Web business idea

    I know we have a lot of talented web development members here and a lot of members with high traffic sites.

    So here is my idea.

    If someone could develop something similar to this google adsense I could use it.

    What would the design be like? Well basically you want to become an ad broker for businesses looking to sell to lawn care operators.

    You get in contact with vendors and sell them on the concept of putting banners or buttons up for a per click fee. They can determine the price and the amount per day.

    The higher the price, the better the placement on the page. After the max $x value is reached for the day, their ad no longer appears.

    We could then split the ad revenue of what ever you make on here.

    Then we could also do things where we offer upsells for things like having an add in the GopherHaul show.

    You could also have these ads appear on other sites as well, so you wouldn't be limited to just placing them here.

    This could have big potential because there are a lot of smaller vendors out there that would prefer to pay a smaller amount but most likely have a hard time finding where to put their ads.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.
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