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Picking a Domain Name.

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  • Picking a Domain Name.

    Most people wonder what name do they chose for there website. Always remember this when picking a name for your Lawn Care Site. Keep it as SHORT as you can. You will want it to be easy to understand and remember. So if you decide to put this on your truck, someone see;s it driving down the road they can remember it. Now you may be wondering where do I get this domain from. They are many places on the internet to get domains from. I thinkn best for the buck is Go Daddy Easy to manage your domains and very cheap. Yahoo and other company;s sell domains but I think they over charge for the domains. In the next few issues of Rodmans Website Tips I will explain how to pick hosting company and what you have to have to get it up and running. How to upload your files and how to get your site listed in google;s search engines.


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    I think it's also important to make your domain name match your company name as much as possible. People will remember your business name before they remember anything else... and if your domain name for the website is the same as your company name, it's going to be a breeze for potential customers to remember! = )


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      How many domain names do you feel a lawn care operator should shoot for when they are trying to attract attention? Should they buy up names like *yourtownname* ? Stuff like that?
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        I do think you should get what you can afford, BUT yes I would buy as many as I could so no one else can get it.


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