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Offering a free 1 time lawn mowing

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  • Offering a free 1 time lawn mowing

    I think this is the first time I have seen a lawn care business website that offers a free trial mowing.

    "At Wright Lawn Care we are confident that you'll love our services. In fact we'll mow your lawn for free, just to prove it. The bottom line is that if you like the level of service at wright lawn care, your going to invite us back. If your not 100% satisfied with our work, you don't lose a thing"

    I certainly hope this is working for them. I could see that a lot of lawn care business owners might not want to try this for fear they would find themselves mowing for free all day long. But then again, that is why this plan might work and work well. Because others are afraid to try it.

    What's your view? Would you ever try this marketing idea on your website?
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    Could work but could also atract alot of free loaders!


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