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  • website question

    i need a quote on what it would cost to build a website with either template # 12 or #19 and have about 5 pages including the home page. most will be pics and some text.

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    Hello wahlturfcare,

    Just so I can get a better idea on what you need and what to quote I have a few questions.

    1. Will you have an editorial written for the site? Or do you need one done?
    2. How many pictures (approx) will you be using on your site? I need to know because I will need to optimize each pic.
    3. Do you need any forms created; such as a contact form?
    4. Do you have a logo for your company?
    5. Do you have a domain name and hosting for the site? I can help you set this up.

    That should do it...let me know and I can get the quote off to you.



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      ritchiem, i plan on having the main or second page about the company, and having a contact us page with email, phone and adress. I would probably have about 10-15 pictures. I have everything written out what to put into it, just not sure how to add it and pictures. I also have my own logo and will need a server. I would like to use my business name as the domain(


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        Hey wahlturfcare,

        I sent you a PM with the info...I'll send you a GopherMail as well.


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