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  • Think you are too young for a nice

    Quote[/b] ]My name is Jordan and I am 15 and an entrepeneur. I am entering High School next year and am worried by the rising costs of a college education. With the help of my uncle, I started this website to promote my lawn care service to raise money for college.

    I want to Say NO to student loans by you saying yes to STUDENT LAWNS. I live in Austin, Texas and plan on attending Texas when I graduate. Hook 'Em Horns. I will help finance college by mowing lawns. I cut grass and do general lawn maintenance for houses, apts., and commercial properties. If you need your lawn mowed I am your man.
    Check out Jordan's site

    It's really well put together and he is 15. Nice work! I hope your site really helps you out.

    It's neat to see him promoting himself and his story. That is his unique marketing position. It makes him stand out from other LCOs in the area. Between and unknown lco and Jordan's, wouldn't you pick Jordan's because you get to know a bit about him?
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