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The EDM website has gotten started

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  • The EDM website has gotten started

    what do you guys think
    we still have to add the portfolio, and we are working on having clients pay there bill online through paypal

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    It looks good. One suggestion I would make is have the E.D.M. button all the way to the left. I think the left most button should always be the one which brings you back to the home page. Just a thought though.

    Great Work.
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      yea lt looks ok. ( never mind on last comment) Im not going to blow smoke up your ***, Ill be honest with you. The site sucks, get someone to help you with some ideals. Or just call me Ill help you out. I dont want you to Embarrass your self or your company. I used one there free templates look see what I done with theres. Of course I host the site on my own Unix FREEBSD server. I also host all my own stuff, DNS Server, Email Server So . Only thing I pay for is my ISP Connection and Domain register every year. Rest the stuff I host myself. Rodman

      Ps Hope I didnt offend you , You wanted honest Opinion well you have it.


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