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    Lightning, thanks for everything and Happy New Year. I will be trying your suggestions to see if they work with my webhost account. If I am getting you correctly I will basically be sending myself an e-mail with all the info from the contact form on it seperated by the "/n" meaning a new line for each bit of info. The "thanks for contacting the website" line was throwing me off as I thought it was a seperate response back to the potential customer (it's not, is it?). I can actually delete that line since it will just be mailed to myself, correct? I am hosed if I've got that all wrong.
    Anyway, is this considered "coding"? Because Godaddy just sent me a reply saying they don't support coding and have a seperate form-mailer script instead (unfortunately, I couldn't read their sample script since I couldn't find where to configure my e-mail to read plain text as they suggested if the text boxes were blank). I hope you're way works since it seems like it will be better.
    One more thing, I have a friend who says he has looked at my website on several different computers and the images cover the text and other things are jumbled around. It all looks fine on the several computers I have tried. How does it look to you? Did I miss some universal format that will make it look right on everything? Thanks.


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      Yes basically you send yourself an email with all of the data, and you can get rid of that line...

      Yes php scripting is considered to be a code... but i though your email was from godaddy not your webhosting? You can test it by uploading a php file to the server and trying to view it.. if you can without it asking you to download the file then php is enabled...

      If they have their own form-mail script i could have a look at that and see how to include that on your site instead....

      The site looks fine on my pc... try changing your resolution and viewing your site to check for any errors


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        Lightning, thanks again. *I am waiting on godaddy to send me their script. *They have sent a couple e-mails saying they have attached it, but the attachment is not there. *I just asked them to send again. *You are correct my e-mail is from go daddy, and they are also hosting the site.
        *I'm going to run your script and see if it works. *Let me see if I have it correct. *The only change I make to my current form is change
        form action=?cmd=sendmethod=post to form action="emailscript.php" method = post. *Then after entering the values for my text input boxes, I insert the emailscript.php code sample that you provided (modified to capture all the required text box info). *
        *Sorry this has dragged on for so long, it's been tough trying to get this done over the holidays (basically working on it in pieces). *Thanks for all your help.


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          Yup what you have said above is correct... but you also need to edit the php.ini file as i have also mentioned to enable the php to send from your email.


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            Lightning, I'm almost done with the script you've been helping me with. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it with Godaddy's e-mail account. I like this form so much better than the sample script they sent me. If I can't use it on their e-mail, can you point me to an e-mail server that will let me run this script? Will the free servers like yahoo let me do it?
            I have one more question on the script and that is how do I handle the choices in my Option box for "services needed" and my checkboxes? I'm thinking the command might be different for grabbing this data from the form and sending it to my email.
            Thanks again man, by the time I'm done with my site you ought to have a FAQ list just from my questions! This has been invaluable.


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              Right Ok.... a few changes to my script page just to make sure it works as i've just tested it on my webhost

              The change is in the emailscript.php file.... just moving the header section to the top of the page, so now you need this at the top of the php file....

              <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">&#60;?php header&#40;&#34;Location&#58; contact.html&#34;&#41;; ?&#62;
              &#60;title&#62;Send Email&#60;/title&#62;
              &#60;meta http-equiv=&#34;Conten...........

              and then delete these lines from a little further down...

              <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">
              // redrect back to the contact page after running script...

              header&#40;&#34;Location&#58; contact.html&#34;&#41;;


              Regarding your goDaddy account if you have the Economy package from this link,...


              then you will be fine to use the emailscript.php files and you dont need to worry about changing the php.ini file as it will have been set up for you&#33;&#33; -The email address you use on the script does not matter...

              All good news so far then&#33;&#33;


              Right... for your option box.... the code will be exactly the same...

              On your site you currently have the name for the multiple selection bit as name=Servicesneeded

              Simply use


              And this will put the Item selected into the email (as long as you put it in the email body aswell&#33;&#33;&#33


              Now for the checkboxes....

              These send true or false data to the script... so you need to add the following code....

              <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">

              // get data from form
              &#036;byemail=&#40;&#036;_POST&#91;&#34;Contact by Email&#34;&#93;&#41;;

              //make a choice using data
              if&#40;&#036;byemail==true&#41; {
              &#036;emailcontactpreference=&#34;By Email = Yes&#34;;
              } else {
              &#036;emailcontactpreference=&#34;By Email = No&#34;;

              &#036;byphone=&#40;&#036;_POST&#91;&#34;Contact by Phone&#34;&#93;&#41;;

              if&#40;&#036;byphone==true&#41; {
              &#036;phonecontactpreference=&#34;By Phone = Yes&#34;;
              } else {
              &#036;phonecontactpreference=&#34;By Phone = No&#34;;


              Then in the email body include the &#036;emailcontactpreference and &#036;phonecontactpreference data


              So.. in summary...

              - Any email account will work
              - The economy or higher GoDaddy webhosting will work (or any host with php available)
              - A slight code change needed (in my script)
              - Use above code to take info from checkboxes and option box

              I think that answers most of your questions&#33;&#33;&#33;

              Hope you get it sorted&#33;&#33;



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                Lightning, fantastic, I&#39;ll try to get the code changed tonight (once again, in between everything else going on.) I do have the economy webhosting account for now so it should work. I actually thought the problem with accepting the script was with the e-mail account not the hosting account. Good news all around. BTW, are you a regular forum poster or do you work for Gopher? If not, they should give you a job and pay you alot. Thanks again.


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                  Yeh im a regular poster now because i do most of the web design stuff for Gopher.... (they pass it to me and i work with the client and get paid from the client) - Finding web design work is always hard&#33;&#33;



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                    Well, I don&#39;t exactly know where I went wrong, but the script is not working or looking right on my page. I was able to upload what I have to the server so maybe you can see what happened. All the emailscript.php script seems to just be displayed in the body of my web page instead of executing the form. When editing, the Copffeecup software did tell me I had excess body tags and would not let me switch to visual editting to see what it looked like. It directed my cursor to the body tag you had me insert. When I remove your body tags the result was the whole page disappeared (don&#39;t know what would cause that).
                    Anyway the result is there for you to see. I did not change any of my existing code except for the form action sentence. Then I just inserted the php script. You&#39;ll probably see where I goofed right away. I&#39;m sure I messed up a tag or something.


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                      Hey again... i see where you are going wrong...

                      Basically you have put the php code into the contact.html file when it should be in a seperate file called emailscript.php

                      When the button is clicked on the contact.html the web server runs the php file then goes back to the contact page....

                      I uploaded both pages to my webhost and edited them (there were some missing quotation marks and some character errors) and the email form now works.... however it is only sending half of the data....

                      I will take a look at your files now and make them work

                      I have attatched the current half working files so you can see what i have changed so far...



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                        Right... all done...

                        I had to recode the form ad you had missed the " " around each name tag and when it was sent to the emailscript.php file only four values were being sent...

                        I also changed some bits in the emailscript.php so that they would be sent correctly...

                        The new contact.html and emailscript.php are attctched.. simply upload these to your webhost &#33;&#33;



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                          Lightning did I miss something? I opened your download and it only contains dozens of different image files and buttons opening with ACDsee. Looks like a jumble of Gopher, Lawmsite, Godaddy and my own image files. I saw no php file included. I opened both your post downloads and they were both the same kid of thing.


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                            Erm.... did you open it with winRaR??

                            It definately contains two files ..... contact.html and emailscript.php .. but if you open it in something other than winrar then yes it will expand into all of the component parts of the file....

                            if not you can grab the files from

                            This Link



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                              Hey , I was able to get the files from the link you supplied, and they look good. I don&#39;t know what was up with the others but it opened up in ACDsee and had all kinds of images not associated with my site. I&#39;ll be trying the new stuff later tonight or tomorrow and let you know how it works. Thanks again.


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