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  • Please critique my website

    Hi guys,

    I would really appreciate it if y'all could check out my website and critique it!

    Thank you,

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    First, the grammar in your guarantee is horrible, and promising to exceed customers' expectations/pay for someone else to do work is setting you up for a lawsuit from shrewd customers.
    Second, mentioning your intentions at college tell the client that you are a fly-by-nighter and not in this industry for the long haul. Please understand, customers want companies that are in this business for the long haul. Also, don"t talk about billing, and don't mention that you'll treat customers like family (again, lawsuit). Change "bush trimming" to "shrub trimming".
    Most importantly, check the grammar throughout your website. It really is poor. I am not trying to judge you personally, but you asked for a critique and what I am telling you is for the sole purpose to help you succeed. I was a young 20-something once myself, and had to learn what worked and what didn't through the school of hard knocks. If you want clients that want the BEST, you must present yourself business as the BEST, not run-of-the-mill. I hope this helps. Best wishes.


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      The element I really like about your website that I haven't seen in others is how prominent the Request A Quote section is on your main page.

      It seems set up perfectly to funnel a new potential customer immediately into giving your their contact information in order to get a free estimate. Very nice work on that.

      How do you feel having that has effected the ration of incoming estimate requests between phone calls or through the website?
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        Chilehead: First off, thank you very much for the feedback. I have a couple questions. Why not talk about billing? And why not say I'll treat customers like family? I don't see how that could become a lawsuit. As a side note... I don't think there are "horrible" grammar problems in the guarantee... if any. There are a couple spots where word choice could be better but grammar wise I don't find any errors.

        Steve: I still receive more phone calls than web submissions but the amount of submissions has drastically improved since adding the prominent request a quote section. I have found that usually only 25-35 year olds submit forms online and 35+ always call. I guess that is for obvious reasons though lol


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          I experienced slightly long loading times, but nothing crazy.

          From a coding / SEO perspective, you're missing the meta 'keywords' tag, which is still used by search engines.

          On the three horizontal photos towards the bottom, one has a drop shadow and the rest don't. It looks odd.

          The use of generic photos from Google doesn't exactly scream "professionalism", but to each their own.


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            I did not get a chance to actually read through the content, but paid more attention to the layout and general feel. It appears that this is a WordPress theme site, which is what I use. The thing that I noticed first is that your Front Page is eye catching and has appropriate use of graphics, and then the rest of the pages are 95% text with only a few graphics at the bottom. I would recommend placing graphics that are related to the subject throughout the text or as a column running down the page, just makes it more engaging.

            The other thing I noticed is that you have the Call to Action in the form of a contact form on your Front Page, but nothing really throughout the rest of the site. You could add a side menu contact form or a graphical banner directing customers to a contact page. To see what I mean, check out my site at which is a WordPress site also. When you click onto a Services page, there is a banner on each page at the bottom that redirects to a contact form, a link in the side menu for setting an appointment, as well as a Contact Us mini-banner in the side menu.

            Just my thoughts, good luck. If you are new to WordPress, I would be haapy to help you in making these changes if you wish.


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              Chilihead I didn't read the guarantee but he probably got it from Jonathan Pototschnik aka LCM. That is his guarantee and he says he has never had to pay for another company to do the work... yet. I could be mistaken on where he got it from though. I quickly went to the site and didn't see it but it's just a guess. Lot's of guys nowadays are following Jonathan's lead and making that guarantee.


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                I do like how you have the form section "above the fold". If you'd like to improve the design, you can add "padding" in your boxes so that the text doesn't go right to the edge of the box. That is considered "bad design".

                Another option that you can do is to put a call to action with your phone number AND just have a button that says "request a consultation" which links people to your contact us page with the contact form. Our website here is a great example at our site.

                Another tip is to add the location of your services on the page somewhere. This helps with search engine rankings and also let your visitors know the area that you service right away.


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