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    Omniscapes, I fill first start by saying that, if done correctly, wordpress is not a bad place to build a website. I've built websites and done SEO for over 5 years and have seen great success with many sites build on WP. However, many cheap website design companies either don't know how to use WP efficiently or they're lazy and just throw it together really quick.

    In regards to pricing for websites... It is not unusual at all to spend $5000 for a QUALITY website. For a smaller company I don't think that is necessary though. If I were a new or young company I would pay a company to build a WP website (probably $1,000-$3,000 depending on website). Never pay less than $1,000 on a website unless it is a one page landing website.

    Just my 2cents,


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      Never pay less than $1,000 on a website unless it is a one page landing website.
      This is generally true, but not always in today's world. We provide websites and are creating a sector for lawn care companies specifically. Our websites are high end and we are testing a price point of $300 for the site and $30/mo for hosting.

      If the person/company you're hiring to create your website codes it from scratch, creates the graphics, writes the content, etc., then expect to pay way beyond $1,000. However, if your web designer is using a template from Wordpress (or other CMS) and just changing out a few elements, I wouldn't pay $1,000 for that.

      The point I'm making is you can't really put a price range on good and bad website design in today's world. Things have changed so much and websites aren't a product where the "generic" version is the same as the name brand.

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        If you have some coding knowledge, you can buy a template for wordpress and then edit it. I code in HTML4 and HTML5, little bit of XML. Wordpress is XML based, but there is definitely a unique way that they link all the different elements together. Took me a while to figure it out, but I went from a 9.95/month template website to wordpress and love it. check it out at

        Also, if I have time, I would be happy to help anyone with building and designing a website for a small hourly fee. I promise I am cheaper than the companies you find on Google. We can use a template to start and then I could customize it for you and help you find a good host. Let me know if I can help.


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          I code in HTML4 and HTML5
          I'd be careful mixing them due to the various depreciated tags of HTML4. The more common issues I've seen happens when mixing HTM4 with HTML5 while mixing CSS2 with CSS3. "Sometimes" causes all kinds of querky things to happen depending on the viewers browser. On a good note, there are tons of "modernizers" that fix the querks if they are implemented correctly


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            Hi bro You can start blogging about the nitch you want on a blogger platform and it is completely free as you accept the profit program from adsense


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