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  • New Site Hows it look

    I had this site made for my company this year. We are a new company and I would be grateful for any feed back on this site as it pertains to usabilitiy and SEO.

    Thanks for being a great community.

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    The site looks professional. Good job.

    You could put in the towns you service in your title to help improve your seo.

    <title>Infinite Lawn and Landscape</title>
    Could become ...

    <title>Infinite Lawn and Landscape - Serving Brooklyn Center, Minnesota</title>
    That would be a good start. If you have any more questions, please ask.

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      My first take on the site is this: don't use photos that are not of your lawns.

      I have some stock photos on my site as part of headers, just to make it pretty, then a "gallery" page of my actual work.

      I had a customer tell me today, a bid actually, that she wanted a border like the one on my site. I was confused, as I have a lot of pictures up. So I pulled up the site on my phone and she pointed to a picture at the home page. I immediately told her is was a stock photo.

      All it was was a border with some nice flowers...something anyone could do. But I was honest.

      I'm not saying all of the pics aren't yours, but the one of the lawn mower on the main 4 pictures isn't. I think it's fine on the "Lawn Care" spot.

      Also, the light grey font is hard for me to read. I don't have good eyes, but I think the font needs to be larger, and darker.
      Andrew Baker
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      Neighborhood Lawn Care, Inc
      Vancouver, WA


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        Nice site and you're from WI, where my wife hails from so ya can't be all bad.

        Go Pack!


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          I agree with Steve, you should definitely add the location of your business somewhere at the top of your page. Your location is pretty important, for search engine rankings as well as for your visitors. This type of information should be easily found and your visitors shouldn't have to go digging for it.


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            Steve is right. That would definitely help.

            One other suggestion, your home page is more like an about page. If I am a customer there is nothing that makes me call or fill out a form. I'm not going to click on the Contact page in order to do that. I would suggest making the home page more focused on converting leads. Make it as simple as possible for customers to get in contact for you.



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              I would put more Call to Actions on every page. Your phone number at the top does not catch the eye, it is too grey and the background is grey too. Also, you have those eye catching images, but nothing about them invokes a response. You could place links over the images that link to your contact page or the services page. I would also suggest creating a page for each service you offer, rather than just a bullet list. The more focused a page is and the more relevant information it provides, the better it ranks in searches.

              By the way, I used basically the same template as you, so you can reference my website to see what I mean. I used different color scheme and layout, but they are very similar. I will admit that I kept the stock images, as I haven't had time to upload my own. I would recommend changing them. Google can revrse search an image. If it sees that it is used a lot on other sites, it will recognize it is a stock image and rank you lower.

              Here is my site if you want to check it out.


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                Overall, I find the site to be very nice. Your logo is perfect.


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                  Overall, the site is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few things I would recommend for your website.
                  • Work on your SEO by rewriting all of your meta titles and "h1" headlines. For example, on your homepage, make your meta title something like "Twin Cities Landscaping Company | Infinite Landscape". Then change your h1 tag to be similar, such as "Your Local Twin Cities Landscaping Company".
                  • Get rid of the top black bar. The menu in the black bar is redundant of the main navigation. Take the phone number and make it BIGGER and more prominent above or below the main navigation.
                  • Combine your footer and sub footer. Right now, you have two footers and both are sparse.
                  • Break your services into sub pages for SEO. If you do lighting, create a page for it so when someone searches Google for "landscape lighting services", you'll have a better chance to show up.
                  • Resize your logo image file to 142x91. The actual file itself (logo.png) is 500x323 pixels, however, the largest your website ever displays it is at 142x91. You're resizing via the browser, but the entire 500x323 image must be loaded. This goes the same for all other images on the website.
                  • Might also considering making your paragraph font a little larger, it feels a little small for the headlines and hard to read.

                  Overall, the site looks good. The main things you should be concentrating on is improving your SEO. That seems to need the most work throughout the website. Hope that helps!
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