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  • Article marketing for seo

    We talk about writing articles for your website and blog but you can also write articles for other sites as well.

    If you do an internet search for article directories or article submission sites you will find a list of sites like these:

    Such sites allow you to write articles on any topic you can think of along with having a bio about the author with a spot to link back to your site. Such backlinks can help improve your search engine rankings.

    The importance of article marketing is dependent upon the search engine's latest algorithm. Sometimes the importance goes up and sometimes it goes down. Having high quality, informative, and interesting articles out there is always a benefit to attracting new customers.

    Don't feel as if any articles you write are limited to online article submission sites only. You can write seasonal articles to submit to your local paper! Why not write on such topics as when to prune your hedges and how much you can safely prune off? Holiday lighting installation tips and the importance of safety. When to plant grass seed? When to fertilize!

    If you are not sure you can write an entire article on such topics, why not do an internet search for them and read an article first. Then after reading it, rewrite it using your own words. The outcome will be a fantastic article you wrote!

    Article marketing tips.

    To be successful with this, there are a few key points you need to keep in mind.
    • You don't want to stuff keywords in your article. Feel free to use any words you want, just don't try to repeat and hammer home the same word or phrase more than a handful of times.
    • Don't put links back to your site in your article. Most article submission sites will allow you to put back links in your bio section that appears below your article. Some sites may allow one backlink in the article but to be sure, you need to read their guidelines first.
    • You don't need to blatantly promote your business in your article. Remember the idea is to educate and inform the reader. As they read the article, they will want to find more about you and in your bio, make sure you mention you are a business owner with a link back to your site.
    • Don't copy another article out there word for word. If you use another article as inspiration, simply read it first, then re-write it in your words. Or better yet, create your own article from a topic that you feel is important to share.
    • Try to use spell checker and be as grammatically correct as possible. In fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone else read it before you submit it.

    If you could write an article once a week that you either use on your site/blog, submit to an article site, or submit to your local paper, that would be a huge amount of content you would be creating over the year! If you don't like writing, find someone else a friend or family member that does and harness their talents.
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