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  • Trying to guage interest

    I am trying to guage interest to see if anyone would be interested. I am putting together a bunch of wordpress themes for web sites and was wondering what kind of interest there would be. To start out I will probably have around 30 different themes available when I launch.

    These are going to be basic themes to start as they are faster to implement at the moment and I will be adding more as the interest grows.

    I am going to give subscribers access to the themes for $29 a year and they will have access to all the themes and the updates.

    I hope to have 100 or more themes by the end of the year.

    Take a look at this one and let me know what you think.

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    What do you mean by "access to all the themes and updates".

    Pretend like I'm stupid and explain it again.


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      I am going to start out with 30 different themes. Not all of them will just be for lawn types of business but some will be better suited for those. The subscriber will have access to all the themes and they can use them on any number of sites that they own.

      As wordpress puts out updates to their script, the themes will sometimes also need to be updated and this is part of the subscription service that the themes will also be updated.

      As long as the subscription continues the updates will be available. If not they can continue to use the version of theme/update they had access to when the subscription ends.


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        Who is your market for this?

        There are already many low or no cost professionally designed Wordpress themes out there, as well as premium themes where you get support & upgrades for life.


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          You just never know for sure what will or won't work until you try it. Experiment with a few and see what kind of results you get. Then scale it up if it takes off. If not, try something else.
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