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    People.... if you do not have a website, be careful where you get one. You don't want a website that looks like this,

    That looks stupid on a business card. You can go to and get your website and .net .com .us or whatever you want. As far as designing your websites I will help you, if you have Skype. If your patient with me and let me know what you want (a template offline) I will do it for you. But please don't go get a cheesy site that people will laugh at.

    Here is mine I am still working on from a template I paid for. Http://

    To do sites on Santrex you must understand HTML. I will set up your website, include images and even setup your Google webmaster for you.

    This Santrex hosting cost me $15 one time to register my domain and $24 a year, if you pay for a year in advance. Comes with unlimited email accounts. Good service for the money. Yeas they have US hosting as well as Canada.

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    Nice site. Took a while to load though. Once it was up it looked good.


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      Yeah, about a minute and a half.

      Took me back a few years to dial up.


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        that's a great looking site. What template are you using?


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          I don't remember where I bought it is a CSS format. It loads slow because I haven't optimized it yet. Haven't even advertised it yet. Y'all are the first to see it other than family.


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            There is more to it than optimizing. It depends on your meaning of optimizing as well. Optimizing for search has nothing to do with speed. Optimizing pics, such as making them smaller would effect speed, but that should have been done before loading the pics in the first place.

            Good looking site, when it loads, but be sure to look at the link below to speed up your site. If I were a potential customer I would have closed the window and moved on. Research shows on average that most people only wait 7 seconds for a page to load. and that's an average, not the lowest.

            here's a quick checklist of why your site is slow. Notice one of the reasons may be your host.



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              Right now I'm thinking I have a server/hosting issue. My panel also loads extremely slow to the login screen and the panel page. But I have a request in to them.

              But by optimizing I mean images and compressing pages.


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                Something is wrong with that server.

                The connection has timed out

                The server at is taking too long to respond.
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                  Something is wrong with that server.
                  I would get my money back that is way to slow and go with Ipage. The same price and usable speed


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