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  • Needing some advics:)

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this so bear with me. I have been put in charge of managing my family's lawn care business. They have been doing this for years, but want to branch out into new areas and have asked me to help. I am trying to build a website, create a facebook page and do all the other business marketing, We recently had a customer ask for an estimate and I am thinking we need some help with pricing. please check us out and let me know if you have any pointers
    Moore Lawn Care Management

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    I just moved your post to it's own new thread. Can you post your site?
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      Links to check us out and give advice!!!!

      Sorry, that I forgot to include the links in my last post:/
      Thank you so much for all your help!!!
      We are really needing some tips on how we can maximize our advertising as of this minute we need clientele asap!!!


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        Sorry if I come across as a d*ck, but your website needs some major work. Try putting in there the services you offer. Also, maybe take down all the pictures about may attract the wrong type of crowd.

        What are you currently doing for advertising? How long have you been in business and how many accounts do you have and how many are you looking to gain?


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          That website couldnt be any farther away from a landscaping website. There is literally no info on there. The colors and pics are really bad. Be relevant. Like lawn boy said advertise your services. Show pics of your work. Just a brown generic page would make me look right by you on the web.


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            Thank you for the contructive criticism

            I appreciate your candor. I know nothing about all this. As of now we have one customer and we won't start that job until sometime next week. So showing our work is not an option. We can however add some details about what all we do. I am going to work on all this today and hopefully post a link for you to check out again


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              i think you need to remove the suggestions that the web site provided you on your web page like " tell us a little more about what your business does " and i noticed one line that said " we have a lot of fun ".

              customers do not care if you are having fun and their only concern is all the while why you are having fun will you actually be able to do the work i want done the way i want it.

              also, on the facebook page all the comments come off as pretty desperate and you need to remove them if you can.

              talk about your services and jobs you have done and give them something to read that will make them feel they should hire you.
              the facebook page to me comes off as a cry for help more then a professional business.

              i don't want to offend you and all i am doing is trying to give you constructive advice.

              question, if your family has been doing it for a long time and you are helping them expand then why would you need help with pricing?


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