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Free seamless landscape backgrounds?

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  • Free seamless landscape backgrounds?

    I'm working on building my new website, I'm going for a black on black style to go along with the rest of my marketing materials... I'm having trouble finding a background image that looks good (I'm going to fade it out in photoshop).

    Does anyone know of where to get a good image (jpeg) to use? I don't mind paying a little bit.

    I am looking for something like a back yard/pool area with hardscape and landscape.

    Maybe one of the web designers would be able to sell or send me one? Please?

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    visit this site to find what are you looking for. It's free, you only need to sign up.


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      Have you done a quick search for 'stock photos' of lawns or yards? There are a lot of sites out there that have images to sell.

      Keep us posted on how this goes.
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        Have you thought about taking an actual photo of your work? I think it would have far greater impact than using a stock image, as well as enhance your credibility and showcase your work.

        If you're not too handy with a camera, you might be able to get a local photographer to do it for you at little to no cost if you give them a shout out on your website.

        Otherwise, I use It pulls photos from Flickr, so they are "real" pics rather than cheesy stock photos. You just need to be aware of the licensing restrictions and the need to credit the photographer. Also, if the photo is taken by another landscaping company, I would steer clear of it to avoid any misrepresentation.


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