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    When you put a price out there like "Prices starting at $29.95 a lawn." You set a target and everyone who sees it will want to know, if they aren't getting that price, why?

    As has been stated, lawn care involved a lot of variables. Each lawn is different based on the variables. Not just size. Is the grass over grown? Do you need to move objects on the property? Can you get your large mower through that narrow gate? Etc etc.

    When you market price, you are selling based on price and you are trying to differentiate yourself based on price. Can you do that? Sure you can, but why would you want to?

    When you know if you market quality and differentiate yourself based on quality, you can make more money.

    You have a limited amount of time. So if you are selling that limited time, it is in your best interest to sell that time for the highest fee you can get. People tend to pay more for quality.
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      Here's a different perspective...

      I've been a lawn care customer. I selected a company (and used it regularly), that listed prices on its website.


      - it removed the hassle of arranging for quotes etc (this is hard to organise when you are at work 12 hours a day)
      - it was a fixed fee (I wasn't interested in haggling or up-sells)
      - it also made it easy to book a mow, as I could do so online
      - billing was also via email & paypal

      By listing prices and making it easy to book they removed the barriers to purchasing the service.

      In fact, I never ever saw them mow my lawn, but it was done.

      Note: It wasn't the lowest price. They competed on convenience, not price.

      In the end, I left them, as they became unreliable and I needed to chase them. Convenience was gone, and so was I.


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