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    Your welcome ! I meant 12 years of experience I was having a bad day doing that so leave me alone B*(&$ GOT IT![/QUOTE]

    whoa there little buddy dont go around cussing at people. You are just making your self look like a joke.

    If I were a customer I would look at your website and laugh. You are the laughing-stock of the forum community.


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      So how do you read the domain name?

      Webs or We BS?

      There is also something known as truth in advertising, look it up.

      You are not of age where you can enter into a contract with someone else. You are 12 and you still have a lot of growing and learning to do. Take this time to learn how to properly run a business. Based on your pricing, you have a lot to learn.

      Lastly wTF does Autisim have to do with anything? Sounds like more of an excuse than anything else. Throw down that crutch and learn to walk without it. If you have autism you will always have it but it doesn not mean that you can not overcome it, you just have to work harder than most.


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        No one here is trying to be a jerk to you. We have all tried to help you and have given you advice when you asked for it. However every time we do try to help you and you donr like the answer and you get very confrontational. This I think we could all put up with.

        Its the fact you've lied some many times about your age, your company, and countless other things. The part that bothers me the most is that on your website your stating you have 12 years of experiance. If you just turned 12, how is that possible? Im 19 and I only have 5 years of experiance. This is the reason we do not take you seriously. I hope your parents see what you have been posting on here because in all honesty it could get them in trouble as well. If someone hires you, and you break something or worse kill some one, its on them since your under 18.

        You need to take all of what we are telling you and put it to use if you want to be successful in this industry.

        I highly doubt you will take any of this seriously but It needed to be said.


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          u are a cute kid, if landscapes is that u want to do, keep doing it kid, just be real with ur customers.
          there is nothing more appreciated in small business, than honesty.


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            When I was 12 years old, I knew nothing at all compared to what kids know today.

            I have to say that I am impressed with what you are doing, and I can see that you are learning the ropes pretty fast, being only 12/13 years old.

            Everyone here starts out the same, we all make mistakes; only few people will admit to their mistakes or present their flaws to thousands of people on a forum. The fact that you are presenting a situation like this one, means you are helping out quite a lot of people, in the exact same situation, who are too nervous about writing on a forum to seek help.


            I personally go out of my way to write about every aspect of my troubles. I may come off as a downer, but I am in fact creating a pool of solutions that people will later be able to find. No thread here is pointless.


            As for your website, I am looking at it now and will do my best to assist you on making it better.

            HOME PAGE EDIT

            Vanden Broek Lawn Service
            Thatch Removal
            Weekly Lawn Mowing
            Lawn Sweeping
            Storm Pick-up (branches, example, example)
            Leaf Mulching
            Snow Removal

            Our services are limited to the area of ___________ .


            For more information, please call .


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              I remaded it so you should see it nowhttp://


              Travis: owner of Travis' lawn care

              (Making your lawn look the best!)


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                "are lawn care banner"

                Should be "our lawn care banner".

                Check some of the alignment of the words on the first page but all in all it is looking good!
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                  It's no wonder no one in the forum world takes this site seriously!


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                    It's no wonder no one in the forum world takes this site seriously!
                    Exactly true. Everyone here gets pissed off about lowballers. Yet we're helping one? Lawncareman = Weekendwarrior.


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                      Exactly true. Everyone here gets pissed off about lowballers. Yet we're helping one? Lawncareman = Weekendwarrior.
                      Its weekendwarriors partner, I mean son.


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                        Its weekendwarriors partner, I mean son.
                        WeekendWarrior is not my father because how can he be my father when I never met him?
                        Travis: owner of Travis' lawn care

                        (Making your lawn look the best!)


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                          I have a 12 year old neighbor who cuts his own grass, and a few other neighbors. He does fantastic work.

                          He was eventually replaced by an actual company, and this company had destroyed the clients lawn.

                          I think the client is too embarrassed to fire them, but we'll see what happens this Spring.

                          In a nutshell,
                          age has nothing to do with quality.


                          I am proud of the kid, and I wouldn't mind for him to have a handful of clients for himself, even in my area.

                          1. No transportation (limited lawns)
                          2. Limited funds (no way, or reason to expand, yet)
                          3. Different goals. (we want houses, they want video games)

                          When I was twelve, I would spend thousands of dollars on candy, pizza, and arcades.. I still do the same today because I never grew up.

                          Granted, a 12 year old can do excellent work; if I were that threatened by a 12 year old mowing lawns, I would have to quit for being in the deep end of insecurity and insanity.


                          Your spelling and website can be fixed! As for your age, I couldn't care less. Make some cash, it's not going to kill anyone.


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                            WeekendWarrior is not my father because how can he be my father when I never met him?
                            Hey I am not your father either, but let me give you some fatherly advice...Naw just playing son! lol

                            Seriously brotha, you are going to do BIG things, so do not let the HATERZ get to you. In other words(this is a quote from waaay back in my day)"Never let them see you sweat"

                            • Yes your estimating & website needs work, so take this down time & learn about them. I am almost certain you are a YouTube viewer**->>>so Google all the services you intend to provide and learn about them.

                            • Then find articles written about them. So when Spring shines her shiny face, you will be ready to put this into action!

                            • Keep your LIP>>>ZIPPED(no offense)Jusssayin there are people with years & years of experience on this forum that you can learn from to get a better understanding of the Green Industry and perfect your skillllly skilz...bam!

                            • Someone told me years ago to "Suit Up | Show Up | Shut Up", in other words there are other people who have something to say that I can learn from.

                            Finally my man, I have 5 kids(yup...IK, right?). My youngest will turn 18 in July and my oldest 22(works side by side with me). You have the same drive and determination as they did at your age, theirs was for basketball.

                            Think about it man, by the time your my age(another 30 years) you will be much much closer to retiring than I am right now. SO DO NOT QUIT! Because you actually have the "IT" factor! ! !

                            So keep learning, ask questions, but under no circumstances disrespect anybody on the internet**>>EVER, because that information will stay long after we all pass away. Dueces
                            08 F250 Ext Cab/04 Chevy 3500
                            05 F350/04 F350 Diesel/12 Ram 4500 Dump
                            4 -60 Toro Zmaster/Lesco 48
                            3 -8'2" Boss V-Plows
                            1- Hiniker 9'6" V-Plow
                            20' Enclosed trailer
                            18' Skid & 16' Open Trailer
                            2012 - S185 Bobcat


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                              Keep it up buddy! Keep learning and refining your skills. Always learn something new. I started around your age mowing one yard and borrowing their equipment. Now I own a trailer, Snapper Pro ZTR, commercial weedeater, commercial blower, and many other "toys"! Do a great job and get ahead of the curve!


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                                this is what i thought about lawncare man = weeakendwarrior so if this is the reality what freaking shame if not kid take the best off all this old farts, i am 31 years i have learned that u do better when u see positive thinks, in others, every single person no matter what have something positive about them self, so why to look at negativity when there is good thing that happens every day, i come to this site to take the best of every member and , to read the monthly, letter that Steve makes from all our post wish is very good.

                                if u are a kid and want to be lawnman,landscaper go to school, stody agronomy, landscape architec, read and learn how to fertilize about the grass around ur area, how to prevent weeds, grow grass there is many that we landscaper know some when to schools some dint but if i was you and i was interest in the green industry try to learn the and get as many degrees u can this will open doors that u can not imagine and the wisdom that comes with the practice


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